Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a question, the answer will probably be here. If not, please contact us


My account

1. Why must I create an account?

In order to treat your order, we need some information about you such as delivery and invoice addresses, email address..etc . Creating an account enables you to use all the MTVENTOUX services: ie : delivery tracking, return of items, previous orders etc All the information concerning your account will only be used for your commercial relation with MTVENTOUX. It will never be shared with anybody or sold. You can modify them at any time online with “my account”. They can also be deleted on demand.


2. How is my personal information used?

All the information on your account will be used only for commercial relations with MTVENTOUX, it will never be shared with anybody or sold.

MTVENTOUX is registered (CNIL) with number 1821048

This means that MTVENTOUX must comply to the 6th of JAN 1978 law about computing, files and freedom. In accordance with this law you can be informed of our offers by phone, letter or email. You also have free access and the possibility to modify all information that concerns you.

Your bank details (credit card number, date of expiry, cryptogram..) are never in our possession because all the payment is done securely through a special independent payment service.


3. What are the cookies? How can I delete them?

To improve our service, cookies are used to avoid you having to identify yourself each time you connect on our website. A cookie is a computing file stored on your computer's hard drive which recognises your details indefinitely. You can deactivate them in your browser at any time.


4. I’ve forgotten my login and password

Your login is easy to remember: it's your email address. If you’ve forgotten your password, look on the page “my account” and select “password forgotten”. You will receive an email telling you how to create a new password.


5. How can I modify my personal information?

 If you want to modify the delivery address, password etc..just go to the page “my account” from the home page



The products

1. How do I choose my size?

MTVENTOUX provides a size-guide for every item: Look at this chart on the shop page


2. What can I do if a size or colour is not available?

 Please contact us by email We'll let you know when the item is back on line.


3. Where can I find MTVENTOUX products?

If you want to touch our products before buying them, here are the places where you can find them

- Showroom MTVENTOUX : Agroparc Morières les Avignon FRANCE

- MTVENTOUX shop : Malaucène FRANCE

- Chalet reynard : Bédoin FRANCE

- Intersport Carpentras : Carpentras FRANCE


The order


1. How do I order?

 It's very easy to order on our website. Go to the page “shop” and browse through our catalogue. There are 3 categories: Cycling, Running, Accessories.

Choose which item you want to buy and hit the “add to basket” key . Once all the items are in your basket,  hit the “order” key and follow the instructions.


2. How long does it take to be delivered?

Your products will be sent within 48 working hours after your order. We’ll send you an e-mail to inform you when the parcel leaves our depot.


3. How do I pay? 

There are 3 ways to pay:

-      Credit card (carte bleue, visa, mastercard)

-      Paypal

-      Cheque

Items ordered are kept 5 working days from the date of order. After this delay, if no cheque has been received, the order is cancelled automatically. Cheques must be from a French bank, made out to MTVENTOUX, and sent to the following address: MTVENTOUX 855 chemin du Raisin 84310 Morières les Avignon FRANCE. Cheques are cashed upon receipt.


4. How can I get a receipt?

On the website, go to “my account” on the home page. Enter your login and password and choose “see all my orders”, Then choose the order you need a receipt for. Choose “get a receipt” at the bottom on the left in the list of your orders.


5. Are Credit card transactions safe?

Paying by credit card is entirely safe thanks to the online payment system of our banking partner, the Caisse D’Epargne. Your bank details only circulate on the internet network in a crypted form ie. they are coded, making them unreadable.

In addition to that, they are dealt with uniquely by the Caisse D’Epargne, and are never accessed by MTVENTOUX. In short, when you enter your bank card numbers to buy your products on, you are sending these details to the Caisse d’Epargne, not to MTVENTOUX.


The delivery

1. What are the different ways of delivery? How long does it take?

- Mondial Relay: delivery at home or in Relay point all over the world

- La Poste: delivery at home all over the world 

It takes 2 to 8 days according to your country.

2. What are the transport fees?

Transport fees are automatically calculated according to the mode of delivery which you wish (at home or relay), of your country of delivery and the weight of your parcel.

Delivery charges free from 100€.

3. How can I follow up the delivery process?

When your order leaves our depot we send you a reference number which will enable you to follow the delivery process on the delivery company’s website

 4. What will happen if I’m not at home when the parcel is delivered?

Your parcel will be put into your letterbox if it fits inside. The postman could also give it to the caretaker or guard: in this case you will be informed by a message in your letterbox. Otherwise the postman has to ring your doorbell to try and deliver it to you personally. If you’re not at home, a neighbour can also take it for you, which would avoid you having to pick it up in the post office. In this case you will receive a delivery note informing you of the parcel reference number, and the name and address of the person who has your parcel.


Exchanging, sending back and refunding

  1. How long do I have to send back or exchange an item?

The regulations on mail order selling stipulate that you are able to retract your order within 7 days. This means that you have 7 days to send back the products you bought on internet.

  1. How do I send back a product?

Send us an email with your request to send back an item: We will explain how to send back the item.

  1. When will I be refunded?

Within 15 days of us receiving the returned item

  1. How do I exchange an item?

Send us an email with your request to exchange an item: We will explain how to exchange the item.

  1. If I exchange an item, will I have to pay the transport fees a second time?

 No, we will pay the tranport fees in case of exchange.

Contacting our customer service

Several options are possible:

- Via the contact form on the website

- By email to:

- By phone: +33 6 09 54 53 84

- By letter: MT Ventoux 855 chemin du raisin 84310 Morières les Avignon